Richard Shapiro

Richard Shapiro, diseñador de interiores, coleccionista de arte …

Increíble casa de este magnifico artista. Con aire mediterráneo y marroquí, Shapiro logra una armonía aplastante entre las paredes de esta villa de LOS ANGELES.

Con la idea de crear una casa de fin de semana, a Richard parece se le fue un poco de las manos.




“I went to see the site on a lark,” recalled Shapiro. “I stepped inside the front gate, saw the view, and discovered total seclusion. I was smitten. Within thirty minutes I knew exactly the house I would build there.”

“I originally planned it as a weekend house, and I’ve found I’m spending more and more time here,” said Shapiro. “Friends drive up from Los Angeles, we have drinks and watch the sunset, and enjoy dinner on the terrace with a big fire on cool evenings.”

“On a summer day, friends arrive for lunch that lingers on until the evening,” he said. “We sit outside listening to the waves, a full moon rises, the stars and constellations are bright. There is nowhere else I’d rather be.”






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